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Your Wedding Day... Is there anything more magical? Love and wonder fill the air. The joy of joining two people together is one of the greatest gifts to be given. Contact us for your wedding, vowel renewal, anniversary of commitment ceremony.



Sometimes, the words are harder to express than you thought. The Esepmio package includes a template of ceremonies to choose from which you can adjust to fit your needs.


The Particolore package is tailor made  just for you. Every line of the ceremony is crafted to express your relationship, your way. It includes three sit down meetings, and a read through at your rehearsal dinner.

Proudly working with:


Kaiser Center Roof Gardens

A beautiful and exclusive location, excellent atmopshere, amazing staff.

300 Lakeside Drive

Oakland, CA 94612
Tel: 510-271-3161



Berkeley Botanical Gardens

With breathtaking views and  natural elegance, this place debuts nature at it's finest.

200 Centennial Dr

Berkeley, CA 94720

Tel:(510) 642-3343




Makeup,Beauty, & Style!

With talent and grace,

Kia Faye  will exceed your expectations in beauty and style. Contact her for all your hair and makeup needs. 


Then, there are times when you need it all. The Compreso package is all inclusive. A one of a kind ceremony, wedding consulting, as well as referrals to local business for any needs you may have.



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